1- Which degree does the MSI program grant?

The program is hosted at the Informatics Department of the University of Lisboa Faculty of Sciences in Lisbon, Portugal, and it confers to the successful candidates the degree of Mestre em Segurança Informática from the University of Lisboa Faculty of Sciences.

2- Is the program only for Portuguese students?

No, the program is open to students and researchers from all over the world who wish to enroll in an environment of top research and graduate education in the state-of-the-art areas of computer and network security and dependability.

3- Which are the minimum qualifications for admission?

The admission requirements are listed here.

4- Will the courses be taught in Portuguese?

The courses in MSI will be taught in English, unless there are only Portuguese speaking students, in which case the Portuguese language will be used. All materials, including slides, project descriptions, exams, etc, are in English. Therefore, a good level of English has to be shown.

5- I have read at your web page that applicants are encouraged to apply as soon as possible. Does the date of application influence the admission process?

Applicants are indeed encouraged to apply as soon as possible. It is particularly recommended that applications are made during the first application period. Be aware that preparing documentation may take some time. You should also be aware that although the date of application does not influence any decision rendered by our admissions committee on the candidates, the number of admissions is limited (Numerus Clausus indicated here), and so all places may become full during the first application period.

6- Where do the courses actually take place?

Since this is a masters program offered by FCUL, all the classes are taught in Lisbon. 

7- What is the program’s schedule of classes?

Classes are scheduled in the afternoon, from Monday to Friday. There may be classes from 13h-16h30, but core courses are usually from 16h30-20h. Typically there is one free day, without classes.

8- How is the program’s curriculum structured?

The MSI curriculum consists of three main components: the core courses, electives, and a master project/thesis. The core courses establish the necessary background and a common competence level, and the elective courses build upon the core. A detailed answer to this question can be found here.

9- How many candidates are accepted to the program every year?

The Numerus Clausus is indicated here.

10- How should I look for accommodation in Lisbon?

Students are expected to secure their own lodging; however considerable help will be given by the FCUL staff in searching rooms or apartments. The Youth Hostels are an option for cheaper temporary lodging for the first days or weeks after arrival. Lisbon has many university residences for students. Some of these residences accept students for permanent accommodation, with annual contracts, and others offer temporary stay, for some weeks or months. Each residence has its own application process, so it is necessary to contact them to get more specific information.

For permanent lodging, accommodation in private houses can be found through newspapers, agencies and the Internet. It is frequent for students to share apartments, and there is considerable offer of rooms (furniture-equipped) for rent in Lisbon. The price of rooms, including all costs such as water and energy, varies from Euro 300 to Euro 400, depending on the size and location. The minimum price to rent a small apartment in Lisbon is about Euro 600/month.